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2013 Ford Bronco Concept

Monday, October 8th 2012. | Ford

2013 Ford Bronco Concept – The old legend will be back for those who love driving SUV. Ford 2012, Ford Bronco didn’t release, we hope it would be in 2013. But another source said that this car will be released by 2014. We are still worry about it. But no matter, Let us share to you the Ford Bronco review.

Key design features similar to the unique Ford Bronco consist of the boxy, erect roofline, short wheelbase, round headlamps and the Bronco name plate machined into the modern three-bar grill. A winch and guide wheels are incorporated into the lower ligament. External details consist of exposed entrance relies, include air vents and flared rim bore holes. Unique loop-shaped entrance manages are incorporated into the entrance panels and open with a tug.

Also, the new Ford Bronco concept’s strong design is an advanced turbo-diesel powertrain with idea technology that expand the package of the present traditional space ways. Below are 2 statements that we have taken from Ford official website related to the Ford Bronco concept.

“True to its heritage, the Bronco concept is a tough, genuine SUV that’s all about function,” said J Mays, Ford Motor Company group vice president of Design. “It’s like a claw hammer in a box full of department store, battery-operated, plastic, power tools.”

“The Bronco concept showcases significant advanced powertrain technologies, mating a 2.0-liter intercooled turbo diesel with an efficient six-speed PowerShift™ transmission and Intelligent™ four-wheel-drive system for a powerful, sure-footed off-roader,” said Graham Hoare, director, Powertrain Advanced and Research Engineering. “Then comes the fun part. We’ve added nitrous-oxide injection for a burst of power at your fingertips.”

The roof of Ford Bronco is made up of two individual areas. The back section can be eliminated for an open-air generating encounter. In another link with the unique Bronco, move bar accessories can be connected once the back part of the ceiling is eliminated, providing the look and feel of a Baja racer.

So, what do you think about this legend? Will you get it one when its release? There is no details about the price and the release date of the new 2013 Ford Bronco. We recommend you to visit Ford official website to find out more about this legend car, or you may simply click here.

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